Spider solitaire


Spider solitaire is an interesting online card game. It has been played in the Europe Since 500 years. First time card game was came from China so there are few peoples known about this game. But today solitaire game is become more popular in all countries. There are many types of solitaire and the Spider solitaire is one of the popular online game. This game is recognized by different names in different countries. Spider solitaire game version is include version Microsoft windows 7, vista, windows XP and more. The original developer of this game is WS_FTP.

The earlier version of Solitaire is windows 3.x  in 1991 by John A. Junod and the final version of solitaire is windows 92.04.01 and the latest known version of solitaire is 1.2 .


There are several types of solitaire games such as:-





Free Cell and so on.

Spider solitaire game is an online game. Single player can play this game and do not need any other player at the same time. You can also download this game and then play in your free time. You can also describe solitaire such as- Considerable amount of patience, skill and intelligence. This is an interesting game and you can enhance your thinking power through this game.